Full-stack Development

Back-end Development

  • Loves SQL in all its flavors
    • Especially knowledgeable about geospatial databases

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  • Has worked with both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud for both personal and professional projects
  • Built a Flask API with Swagger UI for connecting web and Android application

Front-end Development

  • Versatile in Javascript
    • Can switch skillfully between vanilla Javascript, Angular, Vue, and React
    • A geek about mapping libraries: Google Maps, Mapbox, Leaflet, etc.
    • Won 1st place in U of Minnesota’s hackathon, Minnehack, with her team. Her role was making a UI in Angular in under 24 hours.
  • CSS Nerd
    • In-depth knowledge of CSS trans-pilers and frameworks
    • Skilled at making the product mirror a designers’ design
    • Can make pages beautifully responsive from Desktop to Tablet to Mobile

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